Leading instruments, with specific regard to public safety criteria are utilized to provide test data while our staff psychologists specializing in the field of public safety candidate screening, will analyze the data, conduct the clinical interview and present a conclusion to the appropriate hiring body.

Identify . . .


  • Positive psychological characteristics associated with successful job performance
  • Traits that may interfere with effective job performance
  • Emotionally unsuitable candidates
  • Potential for violence, suicide, aggression and substance abuse
  • Personality problems and emotional disorders
  • Stress management characteristics

Psychological assessments are implemented to identify candidates with the appropriate mental ability to pass law enforcement training programs, emotional stability to withstand the stress associated with being a police officer and the maturity to work within the police department. Our psychological assessment incorporates two personality inventories designed for public safety employment screening, a stress inventory, a comprehensive personal history review, and a clinical interview with the psychologist.


The Fitness for Duty Psychological Evaluation is intended for use when an incumbent staff member displays behavior that would objectively indicate that, based on psychological factors, he or she is unable to safely and effectively carry out his/her essential job functions.


The polygraph examination is a cost effective method of screening out high risk candidates who may have participated in various criminal behaviors but have avoided arrest and prosecution.

Reveal . . .

  • Application omissions or untruths
  • Employment related dishonesty
  • Involvement with selling or using illegal drugs
  • Habits related to alcohol consumption
  • Participation in felony acts and gang relationships
  • Inappropriate use of physical force
  • Driving history admissions

Ensure that only the most qualified candidates receive an appointment to serve and protect your community by taking the extra precaution of conducting a polygraph examination administered by our licensed polygraph expert.

As you consider psychological assessments and polygraph analysis for qualifying candidates remember that C.O.P.S. and F.I.R.E. Personnel Testing are only a phone call away.

Our expert staff is readily available to evaluate each candidate’s mental ability, emotional stability, maturity and honesty. Preliminary analysis response is available immediately permitting you to move forward confidently with the hiring process.