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Fire Service Promotion Written Exams

Our F.I.R.E. rank promotion exams identify candidates that display significant managerial and decision-making knowledge and analyze additional traits vital for successful leadership.

Rank-level exams were developed from I.F.S.T.A. and other fire service related materials, selected managerial and supervisory text as well as comprehension and decision making assessments. Our exams meet all governing legislation, and are valid, reliable and fair to all.

Fire Service Custom Written Promotion Exam

Adding a custom written test developed from your own operations policy and procedure manual or other in-house materials will enhance and personalize your promotion exam. Conducting a policy and procedures exam will provide added insight into how well your staff understands the policies that govern their daily responsibilities.

Our professional test developers will create a custom written promotion exam taken from the information stipulated in your department’s standard operations procedures manual.  The Standard Operating Procedures Exam is personalized to the particular requirements of each department.  It enables supervisors to identify every candidate’s level of knowledge pertaining to reqired operation procedures.

The Standard Operating Procedures Exam is scored as part of the entire written test battery generating an overall numerical score that represents the achievement of each candidate participating in the testing process.  Your management team can easily review each individual’s accomplishments on the Candidate Profile Report provided.  The report indicates their success, by bar graph, for each dimension evaluated.

Required time to develop and produce your custom exam is four to six weeks from recieving your printed resource material

Fire Service Promotion Assessment Center- Certified State Assessors

The Promotion Assessment Center is an exceptional instrument designed to scrutinize each candidate’s effective leadership and managerial proficiency. Multiple customized scenarios, drawn from department operation procedures, require group and individual participation to comprise the unbiased and valid Promotional Assessment Center. This process integrates several exercises simulating responsibilities and tasks required of rank personnel and an interactive simulated fire ground scenario. Evaluation panels are comprised of fire department senior management personnel and fire service spcialists. They are trained to analyze verbal articulation, communication skills, problem solving ability, decision-making style and department operational knowledge as a means to assess each candidate’s leadership qualities.



We are so happy that we have worked with C.O.P.S. and F.I.R.E. Personnel Testing Service for over 20 years. Our job has been made so much easier with all of their invaluable knowledge and support. C.O.P.S. and F.I.R.E Testing has administered all of our testing needs for both pre-employment and promotion level law enforcement and fire service candidates.  Through the years their professional assistance has helped successfully guide us through the entire hiring process with complete ease. 

~ Jorene Gordon ~
Police and Fire Commissioner
Broadview, IL