Oral Review Panel Assessments

Law Enforcement Entry Level Group Oral Interview

The Group Oral Interview is a significant and highly conclusive portion of the hiring process.  It is very objective, behavior based and defensible.  The interview style provides a constant standard for each group of participants and has consistently been found to be valid, reliable and an accurate means of assessing applicants.

The Group Oral Interview, a preplanned dialogue with structure and purpose, allows trained assessors to evaluate the behavior, maturity level, intellectual plane, and communication skills of each applicant under standardized conditions.  It guarantees an evaluation process that is fair and equal to all while identifying candidates with the best skills and traits necessary for career growth and advancement.

Law Enforcement Promotion Assessment Center

Our panel of law enforcement experts will evaluate your candidates participating in the Law Enforcement Promotion Assessment Center.  This interview style provides a constant standard for each group of participants. It is objective, behavior based and defensible and has consistently been found to be valid, reliable and an accurate means of appraising candidates.

The Evaluation Process

The Law Enforcement Promotion Assessment Center is an excellent instrument designed to scrutinize each candidate’s effective leadership and managerial expertise. Multiple customized scenarios, drawn from department operation procedures, require group and individual participation to comprise the unbiased and valid Law Enforcement Promotional Assessment Center. This process integrates several exercises simulating job responsibilities and tasks required of rank personnel.

Our Law Enforcement Assessment Center panels are comprised of department senior management personnel and law enforcement specialists. They are trained to analyze verbal articulation, communication skills, problem solving ability, decision-making style, intellectual plane, conflict resolution skills, ability to work under pressure, maturity, behavior, and knowledge of department operations to assess each candidate’s leadership qualities.

The Law Enforcement Promotion Assessment Center is very objective and removes much of the bias and uncertainty common to one-on-one interviews because a constant standard between candidates can be maintained. The tension produced serves as both distractions from what is actually being evaluated, and as pressure-based motivators that drive performance to the highest capacity.

The Law Enforcement Promotion Assessment Center, for purposes of structure and content complies with professional standards, federal, state and local guidelines and has consistently been found to be valid, reliable, and an accurate means of assessing candidates.



“On behalf of my fellow commissioners, I want to use the opportunity this letter hopefully affords to again compliment you and your colleagues for the outstanding manner in which you conducted the Mini Oral Assessment Center for the Fire Captain’s Promotional Testing we now have underway.”

“As you know, the assessment center concept was our first experience with this method of screening candidates; and admittedly, we were a bit apprehensive!  However, after seeing how effective it can be, we regret that we didn’t use the same concept last year when we convened an Oral Review Panel for promotional testing for the police department.”

“…the additional skills that I believe that your firm brought to the table, guarantees that our process will provide us the means to insure the ideals for which we’ve striven — fair, objective and unbiased selection.”

Roger Huber, Secretary to the Board

City of Edwardsville

Board of Police and Fire Commissioners